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April 6th, 2015

Ilusio is a unique production of the Leningrad Center, boldly combining Saint Petersburg’s cultural avant-garde of performing artists—acrobatics, modern dance, and pole dance—with; classical ballet and lyrical story-telling of ancient Russian folklore motifs.

Ilusio was created by Felix Mikhailov’s in collaboration with an international team of producers, choreographers, costume and graphic designers. It’s opening performance, “Lord of Dreams”, follows an author who sets out on a journey through his own world of dreams in which personal memories and characters from books and stories he has read rub shoulders with bright images from works of art. The show features artists who have worked with Cirque de Soleil (USA), GOP (Germany) and the Conelli Circus (Switzerland), as well as world champions in pole dance and aerial acrobatics and popular TV personalities.

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